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[Hot Photo Zone] This Summer, Take the Best Selfie Ever in a Cool Cave
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승인 2022.09.19  15:14:41
페이스북 트위터

Jeju is a volcanic island with numerous small and large caves. In addition to well-known lava tubes such as Manjanggul and Bengdwigul, many unnamed caves are located throughout the island.
Some of these caves have scenic spots for fantastic selfies. To escape the heat and humidity, let’s go enjoy the beautiful scenery and take awesome selfies in a cool cave.

1. Nameless Cave in Seongeup-ri, Nokcha Village

Nokcha (Green Tea) Village is located in Seongeup-ri, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si. As the name suggests, the cave is hidden in the middle of a green tea field.
Though it has no official name, it is called Seongeup Green Tea Cave. To take a dream selfie here, take it from inside the cave with the vast field of green tea as the backdrop. The stark contrast between the field and the cave creates unique photos that can only be taken here.
To reach the cave, look up “Onulun” and follow the path from the green tea field to the forest to find the Green Tea Cave.
Visitors should watch their shoes on the muddy ground, and it is recommended to wear a hat as water drips from the ceiling.

2. This Cave Went Viral on Social Media as a Music Video Filming Site

This place became famous when it was known as the filming location for Oh My Girl YooA’s “Forest Child” music video. The so-called “Seonheul Chair Cave” is located in Seonheul-ri, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si.
Interestingly, it has a hole in the middle of the ceiling, which makes the entering light look like a spotlight. It also creates a mysterious ambiance in the dark cave.
A small chair is placed where the light shines, which is the photo spot. Sit on this chair, take the photo by adjusting the light, and you can take the ultimate selfie of your life that resembles a scene from the Forest Child music video.
Near the cave, there is a lava bed called Ville with a beautiful landscape. You can find this place by searching for “Seonheul-ri 161-1” in the navigator.

3. A Boulder Swallowing the Sea: Sea Cave at the Namwon Keuneong Promenade

Namwon Keuneong Promenade is located in Namwon-ri, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo-si in Jeju Province. In Jeju language, keuneong means “big hill,” and this hill has a mouth open as if it would engulf the sea.
It has a 15-20m-long cliff of strange-looking rocks, and two huge sea caves formed here are considered great photo spots.
The first cave is hidden deep inside, with a wide entrance and the rocks piled up like stairs inside. The view of the cliff and the sea from the inside of this cave is incredible.
The second cave connected to this cave faces the sea, perfect for cool and refreshing selfies that look amazing.
To get to the cave, walk in the direction where you can see Kumho Resort and walk for about five minutes to the right when you see the sea. About 1 minute to the left from the sea, there is a photo spot shaped like the Korean Peninsula. Though it’s not a cave, it is also one of the most popular selfie hotspots in the area.

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