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Trying cutlassfish on JejuA perfect protein-rich nutritious food
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승인 2018.09.24  12:57:13
페이스북 트위터

Cutlassfish is loved by many Koreans and is used in dishes including fried cutlassfish, cutlassfish stew, cutlassfish jorim, and cutlassfish soup. It is especially popular when it is in season from July to October.

The Korean word for cutlassfish is Galchi, which means 'a fish that looks like a knife. It is well known for its high protein content and is used as a healthy ingredient. Cutlassfish contains essential amino acids such as lysine, phenylalanine, and methionine. It is a protein-rich food that is perfect for children in hot summer.

Jeju Island is well-known as a good spot to try cutlassfish. Jeju’s cutlassfish jorim is made of a type of cutlassfish found on Jeju called silver cutlassfish that is bigger and more expensive than ordinary cutlassfish. It is a dish you must try when visiting Jeju as it will stimulate your appetite with its deliciously spicy flavor.

When you visit Jeju, you can enjoy galchi hansang, a full table serving, near to the sea. This is a special meal to try during your trip to Jeju.

‘Galchi Uhjang’ (Cutlassfish Fishing Grounds)

‘Galchi Uhjang’ is located in front of Pyoseon Beach. It has a romantic mood for couples who come to enjoy a meal and also provides a memorable time for families. Using only cutlassfish that is directly delivered, this is the most beloved place to taste the best dishes made using the best cutlassfish in the country.
'Tonggalchi Hansangcharim' is the restaurant's main dish. If you choose this dish you can taste tonggalchi jorim(boiled cutlassfish) and tongalchi-gui(grilled cutlassfish). The food may serve up to six people. When you order a whole meal, you will be provided with many side dishes such as abalone, oxydoc, grilled tilefish, and sashimi. In particular, the fried fish side dishes stimulates your appetite.
A source from Galchi Uhjang said, "Because the tongalchi jorim contains a wide range of octopus, scallops, turban shells and abalones, people often call this ‘visual gangster’. The Galchi fish market has a beautiful appearance and the interior facilities are clean, which further enhances the satisfaction of visitors to the restaurant."

•Address : Jeju Seogwipo-si Pyoseonmyeon Pyoseondangpo-ro 27
•Open Time : Everyday 10:00 ~ 22:00
•Contacts : 064-787-7117

‘Galchi Wang’ (Cutlassfish King)

Jeju galchi jorim is well-known throughout the country, 'Galchi Wang' offers truly fresh cutlassfish dishes, which reflects the specialty of Jeju galchi restaurants.
Galchi Wang is a restaurant known for only using cutlassfishes which are directly delivered from the Hallim and Seogwipo ports every morning. It delivers a deep taste with special seasoning as all of the ingredients are fresh and high in quality. Galchi Wang's lunch set menu has all the fish bones removed to make it easier for customers to experience the delicious taste of Jeju-style cutlassfish.
The 30,000 KRW (per person) Galchi Wang Set, offers not only cutlassfish, but also octopus sashimi, fried Jeju badang, grilled mackerel, fried butter abalone, and pork Sanjeok. The seven side dishes that come with the set are well known.
Thanks to the special seasoning which is specially treated, there is no fishy scent. The taste of the sauce is simple and not too heavy. Many customers use the sauce to finish their meal by mixing it with rice.
'Galchi Wang''s representative said, "With various side dishes such as Korean traditional tricolored noodles, ganjang-gaejang, haemul-pajun, salted radish, soy sauce braised quail eggs, and broccoli bowls, visitors can enjoy a full meal with the various flavors of Korean cuisine. In addition, fresh sliced raw fish is provided on the table. The Hanryang Set costs 25,000 KRW and is a cost-effective galchi jorim set menu. It is popular so I ask many visitors to try it." Meanwhile, a pick-up service is operated throughout the Jungmun region.

•Address : Jeju Seogwipo-si Iljooseo-ro 1146
•Open Time : Everyday 10:30 ~ 21:00
•Contacts : 064-739-9333

‘Ihjoeun Sikdang’ (Lee Jo Eun Restaurant)

Ihjoeun Sikdang is an old and famous second-generation restaurant in Jeju's Jungmun Tourism Complex. It has a friendly indoor interior with a great cost-effective menu that attracts tourists as well as local residents.
Ihjoeun Sikdang is famous for its excellent taste. The restaurant is the most popular place for Jeju Island's Seogwipo 'Galchi Jorim' restaurants. It serves its special sauce to give the cutlassfish a unique taste.
'Galchi Jeongsik' lets you enjoy a variety of dishes including galchi hoe, galchi gui, and galchi jorim and it is the most popular dish. Fresh silver galchi hoe (sashimi), whole grilled cutlassfish or mackerel, and Seogwipo galchi jorim will be prepared.
The Mackerel Jeongsik, which consists of mackerel sashimi, grilled mackerel, and mackerel jorim is also popular. As is the Ihjoeun Jeongsik which includes roasted Jeju black pork, galchi jorim, and abalone stew.

•Address: Cheonjeyeon, Seogwipo, Jeju 97
•Open Time: Everyday 8:30 to 22:00
•Contact: 064-738-7123

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