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Cociety Village Jeju to Hold the Opening Exhibition “Pure Land: Where the Wind Lingers”
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승인 2021.09.07  10:16:38
페이스북 트위터

“Pure Land: Where the Wind Lingers,” the opening exhibition of Cociety Village Jeju, is held in Jeju from July 30 to October 31, 2021.

According to local legend, Jeju was home to over 18,000 gods. Geumbaekjo, the mother of all gods, was the goddess overseeing Songdang-ri in Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, where Cociety Village Jeju is located. The exhibition reflects the region's history and commemorates the beginning of Cociety Village Jeju through a presentation of photos, sounds, graphics, and installations under the theme of “wish.”

The first section of the exhibition introduces New Area (2021), photographer Park Hyeon-seong’s series that captures the scenery of Jeju with the theme of birth and the passing of time. It starts with a macroscopic perspective of human life from the existence of nature within its own time and relationships.

The second section presents White Forest (2021), an installation by artist Min Deok-gi, who uses a medium between the human and divine worlds as his motif. The piece serves as a bridge that invites the gods into the world of humans filled with the wish.

In the middle of the journey between sections, crossing the artworks and spaces is Tales on Nameless Place, a sound piece by art critic Lee Han-beom who joins this project as an artist. The sounds collected from the boundaries between day and night, water and forest, and stones and sea of Jeju are clues to the gods’ hometown that remain in various places on Jeju. These diverse audio sources overlap one another and narrate the story of lost lands.

The exhibition then leads to a space of experience. Whereas the previous sections refreshed the spectator’s busy pace of everyday life through the delicate sensory stimulations, the spectator now becomes the creator of the space in the subsequent section. In the courtyard of the exhibition hall where a camellia tree is planted, the spectator will look inward at the wish of their heart and performs a ritual in hopes to fulfill it. Then, they move to the space of totems where the wish can be projected, contained, and prayed. They can commemorate their wishes by purchasing various items and products created by the artists.

The exhibition concludes with the spectator taking a stroll through the gardens of Cociety Village Jeju. They started with the macro and micro experiences of encountering the visual and auditory images of nature and thinking introspectively about themselves, then go on to step back out to the natural landscape, expanding their sensory functions. They will then cherish just one wish in their hearts, which becomes a piece of story in Songdang-ri, the village where spiritual prayers are dedicated.

Cociety is a spatial content service brand launched by Unmet People who believe that “A good space changes lives.” They aim to create a spatial culture where people share inspirations and enrich each other. Launched after their Seoul Forest Branch, Cociety Village Jeju intends to provide “work and rest with inspiration” with the spatial experience of relaxing, peaceful nature between work and everyday life.

Location | Cociety Village Jeju (2656-4, Songdang-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do)
제주시 구좌읍 송당리 2656-4
Dates| Friday, July 30 - Sunday, October 31, 2021
Hours | Monday-Sunday, 10:00-18:00
Closed | Last Monday of every month September 27/October 25

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