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Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art Presents “The Ceramicist’s Studio”
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승인 2021.08.30  15:58:47
페이스북 트위터
▲ Poster

The Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art is holding the exhibition “The Ceramicist’s Studio” in Special Exhibition Halls 1 and 2 of the main building. The exhibition runs through October 24th.

In everyday life, we experience emotional satisfaction and cultural richness when we use hand-crafted pottery that manifests the creator’s artistry. In terms of production, ceramics are the fruits of manual skill and labor as well as artistic performance and research; they are the culmination of complex human activities.

▲ by Oh Changyoon

The “Ceramist’s Studio” exhibition focuses on ceramics, an art form that came to have a wide-ranging significance in today’s pandemic era and digital environment due to its personal and human characteristics in use and overall production.

This exhibition features four ceramic artists from Jeju who have devoted themselves to white porcelain, buncheong, onggi pottery. Lee Geejo interprets the aesthetics of Joseon white porcelain in a modern style, Kang Seungchul and Oh Chang yoon emphasize the expandability and practical value of Jeju Onggi, and Kim Soohyun showcases buncheong ware using the refreshing deombeong (dipping) and gwiyal (brushed slip) techniques.

▲ by Kim Soohyun

It will also display various video materials showing the artists’ perspectives and key production techniques, along with tools from their studios to create background context for the ceramicists’ works. Each section of the exhibition space is divided into the following: “Jars: The Essence of Ceramics,” “Architectural Ceramics,” “Discovered Objects,” “Breath and Experience,” and “Pottery: Art in Everyday Life.”

The first special exhibition hall presents the four artists’ distinct hangari jars, which are considered “the ultimate ceramic art” by potters. It also features the world of Lee Geejo, who has been working on structural and architectural slab-style porcelain based on his exploration of materiality.

▲ by Kang Seungchul

In the second special exhibition hall, viewers can explore the pottery created by Kang Seungchul, who interpreted heobeok jars in a modern way with an affection for the disappearing culture of Jeju, and Oh Changyoon, who works with stone kilns by experimenting with various Jeju soils and firing methods.

Lastly, Kim Soohyun’s space exhibits the essential qualities of craftwork through various pots that have practical uses, created by an artist who has mainly shown improvisational works using deombeong (dipping) and gwiyal (brushed slip) techniques.

▲ by Lee Geejo

These four exhibition spaces prepared for each artist will allow viewers to appreciate the authentic aesthetics of white porcelain, buncheong, and onggi ceramics. It will also provide an opportunity to observe wide-ranging aspects of ceramics that flexibly embrace life and art.

Meanwhile, during the same exhibition period, the museum also presents “Nature of Jeju Embracing Contemporary Art: Major Collections I” in the special exhibition hall of the main building. Visitors will be fascinated by the striking originality and aura of actual collections from the AR/VR content exhibition of the Culture and Arts Public Repository’s multi-purpose room.

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