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National Treasures and Cultural Assets Including Jeong Seon's "Inwangjesaekdo" to Visit Jeju with Over 300 Items
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승인 2024.04.03  16:07:22
페이스북 트위터

More than 300 national treasures and cultural assets, including Jeong Seon's "Inwangjesaekdo," will be showcased at Jeju National Museum from June to August. This exhibition is a special exhibition of donations made by the late Chairman Lee Kun-hee.

Jeju National Museum revealed the schedule for the "Late Chairman Lee Kun-hee Donation Special Exhibition" in its New Year's plan announced on the 29th. The special exhibition of donations made by Chairman Lee Kun-hee has previously been held at national museums in Gwangju, Daegu, and Cheongju, receiving significant acclaim.

The exhibition in Jeju will take place from June 4th to August 18th. It will introduce over 300 national cultural assets, including "Inwangjesaekdo," which was collected by Chairman Lee during his lifetime. The exhibition spans from the prehistoric era to the 20th century, featuring a diverse range of periods and types, including metal, pottery, porcelain, ancient documents, wooden furniture, sculptures, and paintings. Previously, 55 Jeju stone figures have been on display at Jeju National Museum's outdoor exhibition area since November 2022.

In addition to showcasing over 300 cultural assets, the exhibition will also feature Jeju crafts and artworks, including "Jeju Bandaji" (a type of traditional Jeju chest), as well as the literary collection "Byeongwa Collection" of Governor Yi Hyeong-sang (1653-1733), a figure deeply connected to Jeju.

For 2024, Jeju National Museum has outlined key initiatives including the special exhibition of donations made by Chairman Lee Kun-hee, improving the method of providing exhibition information, enhancing the use of video content for information provision, expanding educational programs for culturally vulnerable groups and regions, and completing the improvement of storage facilities.

Jeju National Museum plans to reorganize exhibition panels with simpler content. Additionally, a new sign language interpretation video will be produced to introduce the top ten exhibits. The educational programs will be further expanded to include children with developmental disabilities, foreigners and multicultural organizations, special education classes and schools, as well as regions in Seogwipo and remote islands.

The storage facilities underwent extensive renovations over two years, starting in 2022. The upgrade included replacing the storage with automated mobile racks, resulting in a 227% increase in storage area compared to the original space (802.03㎡). The fire suppression gas used in the facilities was also switched from Halon gas to an environmentally friendly alternative.

Furthermore, the storage methods were adjusted based on the material composition of the artifacts, between inorganic and organic materials. To properly preserve sensitive materials such as paintings and textiles, which are susceptible to environmental conditions like humidity and temperature, customized neutral storage boxes were designed and used.

Additionally, the museum will not stop here; it plans to photograph 1,000 highly utilized items in high resolution and make them available to the public. The museum also intends to continue utilizing its space (Goeunimor Hall) for exhibitions by local artists.

Director Park Jin-woo stated, "Jeju National Museum is committed to making every effort to ensure that all generations and social classes visiting Jeju can easily and comfortably experience Jeju's history and culture."

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