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Waves of Yellow: 4 Must-Visit Canola Flower Spots in Jeju
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승인 2024.03.27  16:32:24
페이스북 트위터

March marks the beginning of spring and the bloom of canola flowers, synonymous with Jeju. Here are four spectacular spots in Jeju where canola flowers bloom brilliantly.

The Harmony of the Azure Sea and Canola Flowers, Seoubong Peak

▲ Seoubong Peak, Photo: 제주관광공사,

Seoubong Peak, located in the eastern part of Jeju near Hamdeok, is a beautiful village where the jade-colored sea meets the yellow canola flowers. Seoubong Peak, a hill that rises beside the sea, is covered with canola flowers on its steep slopes come spring. The area, part of the Olle 19 course 'Jocheon-Kimnyeong Olle,' bears the sweat of Hamdeok residents. Over two years, they crafted a 2.5 km walking path around the hill using sickles and hoes. Thanks to their efforts, an easily accessible path allows visitors to encounter the rare sight of bright yellow canola fields meeting the blue sea.

Spring's Best Scene in Jeju, Noksan Road

▲ Noksan Road, Photo:제주관광공사,

Noksan Road's Canola Flower Road in Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo City, stretches about 10 km from the entrance of Gasi-ri village along a two-lane road. Just as its nickname, "the village that adds time," suggests, Noksan Road in Gasi-ri is a place where you will want to take your time for a drive. It is so renowned that it has been selected as one of the "Top 100 Beautiful Roads in Korea." Near Noksan Road, canola fields spread out extensively along the ridges of various oreums (Jeju's volcanic cones) such as Trarabi Oreum and Keunsaseumi Oreum, making it seem as if all of Jeju's canola has gathered here. By the end of March, canola flowers bloom alongside cherry blossoms on the roadside of Noksan Road, bursting into bloom like popcorn. The moment these two flowers meet marks the best spring scene in Jeju.

As if Straight Out of a Monet Painting... Eongdeongmul Valley

▲ Eongdeongmul Valley, Photo:제주관광공사,

Eongdeongmul Valley in Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo City, has recently become one of the most popular canola flower spots. The origin of the name "Eongdeongmul Valley" is quite interesting—it was named because the valley's terrain is so rugged that thirsty animals could not approach the water; they could only back up to the edge to relieve themselves and then leave. The spectacle of canola flowers blooming along this twisted valley is dramatic, resembling a flow of water. The arch bridge crossing the flower-covered valley evokes Monet's Water Lilies. Eongdeongmul Valley is part of the Olle 8 course, connected to the walking path of Lotte Hotel in the Jungmun Tourist Complex. Climbing the stairs to a higher vantage point offers the most beautiful view of the landscape.

Jeju's Southernmost Canola Flower Spot, Sanbangsan Mountain

▲ Sanbangsan Mountain, Photo:제주관광공사,

Sanbangsan Mountain, located in the southwestern region of Jeju, boasts a majestic view that can be seen from almost anywhere in the area. Near the mountain, from the late winter when the cold has not yet fully passed, through the spring, visitors can witness a festival of canola flowers sprawling widely. Around the base of Sanbangsan, a volcanic mountain, there are canola flower fields spread here and there. To capture a splendid photo with Sanbangsan Mountain in the background, one must enter the middle of the flower fields, which requires an admission fee. Under the clear blue sky, amidst the fully bloomed canola flowers and the towering presence of Sanbangsan Mountain resembling a giant sculpture, it is the perfect setting to create memories with a snapshot.

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