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Jeju Village Accommodations You Won’t Want to Miss: Ideal for Hiking the Oreums
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승인 2024.01.08  16:00:27
페이스북 트위터

Jeju Tourism Organization recently revealed the “Top 5 Village Accommodations Near Jeju’s Oreums” selected by local residents, now featured on promotional channels including VisitJeju.

This series, “What Makes Staying in Jeju Villages Attractive,” curated by the villagers themselves, offers a unique travel experience for tourists staying in the villages. Past releases have included ‘Accommodations for Families with Young Children,’ ‘Village Bookstores,’ ‘Breakfast-Providing Accommodations,’, and ‘Pet-Friendly Cafes.’

The latest “Top 5 Village Accommodations Near Oreums” series highlights unique content like sunrise tours of the oreums operated by the accommodations. Imagine the luxury of staying at Kareumstay, right beside an oreum, and climbing the oreum with a host who loved the place so much they became its neighbor. The series ambitiously introduces accommodations created by oreum-loving hosts.

▲ Provided by Jeju Tourism Organization

The first place we introduce is “Grihao,” located in Jeoji-ri, Hangyeong-myeon. Surrounded by the panoramic sunset views of Mundoji Oreum and Gotjawal, “Grihao” offers an exclusive living experience in a single-story house designed with exposed concrete, reserved for one team (two persons) only. In the evenings, guests can participate in one-day class programs at the accommodation’s workshop, creating items like Bluetooth wood speakers or wood stands. The owner of Mundoji Oreum says, “We create connections with guests with the heart of making friends in a Jeju rural village,” guiding them for evening and morning walks.

▲ Provided by Jeju Tourism Organization

The second is “Oreum Guesthouse” in Sehwa-ri, Gujwa-eup, Seogwipo City. Here, guests can join the host for a special experience of climbing the oreum to watch the sunrise every morning. After the oreum tour, a Korean breakfast made with seasonal ingredients is served. This guesthouse has a high rate of return visits, with one guest revisiting seven times in a year. Many guests have also recovered their health through oreum climbing during their month-long stays for recuperation. Located in the forest, this accommodation is recommended for those seeking true rest and peace of mind.

▲ Provided by Jeju Tourism Organization

Thirdly, “Wollang Sowoon” in Sehwa-ri, Gujwa-eup, a premium eco-friendly accommodation, is located near Bijarim Forest and follows the ridge line of Darangshi Oreum. It features a tea room with large windows overlooking Darangshi Oreum and a jacuzzi with folding doors to view Hallasan Mountain regardless of the weather. The owner of Wollang Sowoon, a former photographer in Busan, says, “We strive to create a space that expresses nature in its true form. We hope to share and enjoy this space and nature with our guests.”

▲ Provided by Jeju Tourism Organization

Fourth is “Jeoji Mansion” in Jeoji-ri, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju City, boasting an exotic atmosphere akin to a European countryside village. The orange building’s interior is decorated with rugs, wallpapers, and furniture ordered directly from France. The owner, a former flight attendant, ensures guests’ comfort with thoughtful amenities. Conveniently located, the mansion is just a five-minute drive from Jeoji Oreum, O’sulloc, and Hyeopjae Beach, making it an excellent choice for travelers relying on public transportation or walking.

▲ Provided by Jeju Tourism Organization

Lastly, the “Ironless Pension” in Sehwa-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju City, offers oreum and forest walks with the host, a certified guide for Bijarim Forest. This wooden house, built by the owner without iron bars or concrete, has been certified as a safe accommodation by the Jeju City Hall. Children can enjoy the attic playroom and outdoor hammocks and swings, while adults can marvel at the sunrise, moonrise, and stars from Darangshi Oreum. The pension owner, a retired high school teacher, says, “After retiring, I moved to Jeju and built a healthy wooden house in a quiet and pristine area near Bijarim Forest and Darangshi Oreum. We feel happy when guests say it is even prettier than the pictures and understand why it has such good reviews.”

This “Top 5 Village Accommodations Near Jeju's Oreums” series involved in-depth interviews about the accommodations and their owners. The provincial government and JTO provide information beyond mere introductions, including the owners’ motivations, stories, and what makes their accommodations special.

For more details, visit the official Jeju tourism information portal, VisitJeju (, and follow their Instagram (, blog (, Facebook (, and Kareumstay’s website (

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