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Total Population of Jeju Set to Break 700,000 for First Time Ever
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승인 2022.10.11  17:32:35
페이스북 트위터

The total population of Jeju Special Self-governing Province has surpassed 700,000 people.

According to an analysis of government statistical data, the steady increase in the population inflow into Jeju has resulted in a total population of 700,083 as of August 31.

This signifies that Jeju’s population has entered into the 700k territory for the first time in its history. The total population is a tentative aggregate of residents registered under the Ministry of the Interior and Safety and foreigners registered under the Ministry of Justice.

According to Jeju Special Self-governing Province, Korean citizens comprise 679,016 people at present, while foreigners comprise 21,067 people. In terms of proportion, Korean citizens account for 97% while foreigners account for around 3%. This marks a total population increase of 2,607 year on year, consisting of 2,257 Korean citizens and 350 foreigners.

In terms of administrative cities, Jeju-si currently has a population of 507,945, while Seogwipo-si has 192,138, occupying 72.6% and 27.4% of the total population respectively. Year on year, Jeju-si’s population has increased by 1,102, while that of Seogwipo-si has increased by 1,505. It is noteworthy that Seogwipo-si has seen a higher population increase than Jeju-si by 403 people, which is unexpected.

In terms of age-based proportions, children and adolescents aged under 14 occupy 13.4% of the population, while the working-age population of 15 to 64 occupies 70.2%. The elderly population aged above 65 occupies 16.4%.

Since compiling the registered resident population statistic for the first time in 1992 at 500,000 people, Jeju’s population surpassed 600,000 after 26 years in 2013 and further rose to 700,000 after nine more years.

The Jeju population’s increase beyond 700,000 has occurred seven years earlier than the Statistics Korea prediction of 2029, demonstrating that the population influx into Jeju has been much higher than expected.

Examining the said influx into Jeju, 2,353 people have become Jeju residents this year as of July. In terms of age groups, those in their 30s occupied the largest share at 1,091 people, compared to those in their 40s at 953 people and under-10s at 832 people. However, 1,039 of those in their 20s actually left Jeju, while the number of teens also diminished by 515.

Director Lee Jung-hwan of the Jeju Planning and Coordination Department remarked, “The era of 700k+ population will entail positive effects such as a rise in Jeju’s brand value as well as challenges including improving the quality of life for Jeju residents and responding to the changing population structure,” and added, “We plan to promote a sustainable population policy going forward by establishing a lifecycle-based care system, implementing a youth security system, creating jobs by fostering companies, and enhancing residential infrastructure such as public housing.”

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