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Jeju Tourism Meets the World Through Global Networks
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승인 2022.08.28  16:11:08
페이스북 트위터

Jeju Special Self-governing Province is using various global networks to promote the appeal of Jeju to potential consumers across the world in order to help the tourism industry to recover from the difficulties posed by the prolonged continuation of COVID-19 and to preemptively capture demand in key overseas markets.

As various locations across Jeju are being used to film videos for the “2022 Korean Tourism Promotion Project Using Global Networks,” a project conducted with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism that is contributing to the widespread promotion of Jeju alongside K-pop.

On the 16th of last month at Gwakji Beach, K-pop group 2AM member Lee Chang-min performed a K-pop busking concert with foreign musicians, while on the next day, a soundwalk experience featuring sounds selected through the “2022 Open Contest for Experience-based Tour Themes for International Tourists in Jeju” was held to introduce new ways to appreciate Jeju’s natural environment.

On the 19th, music videos and web contents were produced with global influencers at local tourist destinations where Jeju’s nature can be experienced in full, such as Saryeoni Forest Path, Seongsan Ilchulbong, and Jongdal-ri Village.

Targeting Gen MZ worldwide, this round of Jeju tourism contents will be showcased to consumers in 103 countries worldwide at the end of August through the Korea International Broadcasting Foundation (KIBF, Arirang TV) and social media such as YouTube.

Jeju Southeast Asia Tourism Promotion Office is also conducting a multifaceted, local-oriented marketing campaign in conjunction with such efforts.

The Jeju Tourism Promotion Office in Hanoi partnered with the Hanoi branch of the Korea Tourism Organization to participate in the 2022 TransViet Tourism Festival to promote Jeju to around 30,000 local consumers in Vietnam. The two organizations operated a Jeju tourism promotion booth and presented activities such as a hydrangea photo area, a Jeju postcard coloring session, and a Jeju character hanging mobile craft session as part of their local-oriented promotion and marketing campaign.

The Jeju Tourism Promotion Office in Kuala Lumpur is also seeking to produce and promote Jeju tourism contents in collaboration with famous Malaysian singers. For example, popular local artists such as Vanessa Reynauld and Angelina Chai will visit Jeju’s beaches, traditional markets, and restaurants in person to introduce Jeju’s local hotspots to their fans.

Director Kim Ae-suk of the Jeju Tourism Office announced, “We will utilize a broader range of media and networks to diversify Jeju’s tourism market and continue promoting a safe, fun, and delicious Jeju to potential consumers worldwide.”

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