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Useful tips for using the post office
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승인 2017.10.23  18:00:14
페이스북 트위터

Whether you are moving back home and you would like to ship your stuff or you want to send a package to another country, the Korean Post is reliable and the cheapest option. The Korean postal system is known to be one of the most efficient.

A post office offers postal services like mail and delivery of packages in addition to financial services including savings, insurance and overseas remittance. It also offers a convenient pick-up service for parcels.

Captured image courtesy Korea Post Homepage

How to use a post office?

Mail Services vary based on the types of contents and mailing processes

-Type of contents:

a. General Mail (for documents and letters, etc.); Parcels

-Recording the mailing process: general mail, and registered mail (records the entire process of mailing)

b. Express Mail Services

- General express: one-day express (delivered before 8pm of the same day); two-day

express (delivered the next day)

- Parcels: one-day express (delivered before 8:00 p.m. on the same day); registered express (delivered the next day)

- Other: within four days from the day of sending

Note that the one-day express service is only possible in Seoul, Incheon, Seongnam, and part of Bucheon.

Mailing fees

Mailing fees may differ according to the weight, dimension, or destination of the parcel as well as

recordings of delivery processes, and additional services (express mail, etc.).

-Basic fares are 300 KRW for general mails/parcels, and 4,000 KRW for registered mails/parcels.

Opening hours : 9 a.m. ~6 p.m. (Mon.~ Fri.) on weekdays

The post offices that open on Saturdays are Bucheon, Goyang, EuiJeongBu, Seongnam, Suwon and Anyang.

Shipping Zones

Shipping zones differ according to what you are trying to send. In this article we are covering packages, not letters or postcards. The shipping areas for Surface Shipping are the following:

Zone 1 Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong

Zone 2 Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore

Zone 3 Canada, Finland, France, Germany, England, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Netherlands, Ireland

Zone 4 Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Republic of South Africa

Packing services

You can bring the things you want to mail directly to the post office. If you prefer to box your mail yourself, the post office will provide boxes of the five different sizes they accept at a competitive price.

Some people who are not shipping their possessions via a container often post their belongings home because of the cost and convenience. The post offices offer free bubble wrap, tape, glue, etc. to help you in your packaging. (if you use the more expensive but quickest option, EMS, the post office will pick up your boxes at no extra charge).

Note that if you are sending your packages other than by EMS/air there is no pick-up service.

EMS refers to international mail service which delivers express mails, documents or packages to foreign countries in the fastest and safest way. Korea Post operates the service in accordance with a special agreement established with the reliable postal authorities.

Additional information links

International Parcel Service

You'll find a detailed list of rates (English available) for Korea Post's international parcel service on their website. The rates are determined by a number of factors including the destination country.

The Korea Post Office website provides information on zones and rates for each in English as well. You have three options that vary in terms of cost and delivery time - EMS, Air Mail and Surface Mail.

The Express Mail Service is the priciest and fastest option. The shipping time for these parcels are one week or less.

Air Mail takes longer to ship your parcel than EMS while being a little cheaper. The shipping time is around two weeks.

Surface Mail is the slowest shipping option and the cheapest one. The shipping time varies between one to three months.

Addresses in Korea

Addresses in Korea are the reverse of the Western order and read as follows:

Country City and Postal Code

Old address : Gu (district office)Dong (ward) StreetBuilding/ Unit number

Please go to the site for information on the new address system in Korea

Name of Recipient

Additional tips

You can bring your package already wrapped in a box or you can roll it in your suitcase and pack it at the post office. They sell boxes and give free bubble wrap, scotch tape, scissors –even glasses in case you can’t see the lettering on the shipping form.

However, note that if you decide to pack the parcel on your own, you would still need to use a KoreaPost box. No other boxes are allowed.

Regardless, if you are packing at the post office, ask for a box and then pack your things. After that you can go to the counter where they will weigh it for you. The staff will check if you’ve sealed your parcel properly. You can ask for their help with filling in the shipping form. The International Mailing form comes in both Korean and English.

Homepage :

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